Spanish Vocabulary | Sport

Review your Spanish and improve your vocabulary everywhere with our podcasts! In this episode, a new vocabulary topic on sports ! The vocabulary list : el deporte warm up calentarse to beat batir to win ganar to exercise hacer ejercicio to play jugar to swim nadar to dance bailar skip saltar go to the gym ir al gimnasio to ski hacer ski play soccer jugar al fútbol dip aderezo to fish para los peces to paint pintar ride a horse montar a caballo to go hunting ir de caza do push-ups hacer flexiones to run correr walk caminar pull jalar

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📈 Brush up on your Spanish anytime with this daily vocabulary podcast series! This podcast was created to help you improve your vocabulary no matter what your current level is (beginner, intermediate or advanced). You'll find topics like food, city, work, real estate, transportation and more! You will first hear the words in French and then they will be repeated twice in Spanish with pauses to give you time to assimilate them. ¡Buena suerte! 🔥