Agile Leaders Conversations Ep 17 with HR Leader and Change Coach Raymond Tay – Develop Your Winning Leadership Formula

Leadership is an evolutionary process that never ends. As a leader, it's important to stay on top of your game and adapt as the needs change throughout various stages in life or during different company evolutions. Catch this episode of Agile Leaders Conversations where I interview Change Coach and Human Resources Expert Raymond Tay for his views on leadership styles and how they can be used effectively across all organizations at any stage in their evolution!Connect with Raymond at his website at https://www.collaboratiechangebyhypnosis.comWant to learn more about leadership agility with Chuen Chuen? Follow these steps:1. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL2. GET THE LEADERSHIP AGILITY BLUEPRINT –  your roadmap to agile leadership at https://yeochuenchuen.com3. FOLLOW CHUEN CHUEN:Facebook: for more agile leaders development programs.4. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT:Tell me in the comments if you liked this podcast and what other topics you would like to hear.

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Join these conversations with agile leaders – executives, business leaders and experts from all sectors come together and share practical leadership insights around leading in today’s workplaces after reading '8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility.' They will be sharing some strategic advice on you can pivot and use the agile mindset to develop a leadership style that's more future-proof, make sense of the complexities and lead with authenticity and ease.