Coming Soon: Beer with Nat, Season Five

Beer with Nat - A podcast by Natalya Watson - Wednesdays


Welcome back to Beer with Nat. The fifth and final season of the show is here. This season, you’ll hear from a head brewer, managing director, brewery co-founder, events manager and more. And – as always – each guest is someone who works in and is incredibly passionate about the beer and pub industry. At the end of this season – after 50 episodes – I’ll be bringing the Beer with Nat podcast to a close. But that doesn’t mean this kind of content is going away! If you’d like to continue hearing from different people about their beer careers, be sure to check out Hannah Kiem’s “Brews with Broads” and Kindsey Bernhard’s “Boys are from Marzen”. Both podcasts feature interviews with women and non-binary individuals who work in beer and love what they do… so if you’re a fan of this this podcast, theirs will be right up your street. I hope you enjoy listening to this final season and please do consider it yet another reminder from me – and my incredible guests – that beer truly is for everyone. Check back soon for the first episode of Season 5.