Taking a Collaborative Approach to Coaching

Years ago, I worked with a few mentors who took a prescriptive approach to coaching where they focused more on telling you exactly what to do than on exploring solutions together. That kind of coaching works for some people but I quickly learned it wasn’t right for me - not as a client or as the coach - because I preferred a more collaborative approach. In this episode, I talk about the moment I learned that I prefer a collaborative approach to coaching and take you behind-the-scenes to explain how I’ve made collaboration a cornerstone in my client work. I touch on how I make it clear that I’m in partnership with my clients and share what this approach looks like day to day. I also get honest about the tradeoffs and benefits of this approach for both me and my clients.    Book a Discovery Call with Ashley to learn more about working together: https://ashleymgartland.as.me/discoverycall   Learn how to create more time with my private podcast Do Less, Live More: www.ashleygartland.com/dolesslivemore   Learn more about Ashley: https://www.ashleygartland.com/   Connect with Ashley on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashleygartland/

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Ashley Gartland isn't your typical business coach. She cares more about creating time freedom for you than she does about helping you do more or hustle harder or scale faster. And on Better Than Big, she's bringing you transparent conversations with real small business owners who've figured out how to run simple, sustainable businesses that match their definition of success and free up their time for what's most important. In each conversation, Ashley and her guests explore the shifts they've made to their services, schedule, systems, team and personal habits so they can work less and live more. They talk about the decisions they’ve made, the things they’ve said no to and the choices and tradeoffs they’ve weighed to create a business that deeply serves their life and provides them with time for their families, health, personal development, hobbies and more. To learn more about the podcast, visit www.ashleygartland.com/podcast.