Ep. 16: Danielle MacKinnon

Thanks for listening. I'm your host, Krissy Teegerstrom, and I'm an artist and a designer. Please find me and support my art at www.FeatherweightStudio.com.  Episode notes: Danielle MacKinnon, is an intuitive, animal communicator, and coach. She has two published books, Soul Contracts and Animal Lessons, and she teaches animal communication classes at the Omega Institute, the Kripalu Center, and also through her own online school. Today we’re hearing from someone whose creative work might go beyond your comfort zone of what’s real or acceptable. Many of us are open to the idea of psychics or intuitives, but the notion that humans can communicate intuitively with animals is still pretty controversial. We’re not here to talk extensively about what it means to be an animal communicator, or even to change your mind if it’s closed to the idea of it. I’m here to talk about creativity in its many forms, and what it feels like when you follow a path that the mainstream doesn’t really believe in. Danielle grew up in an environment that didn’t support her intuitive gifts, but she has come to embrace them fully and she now teaches others how to awaken their own. In this episode we talk about what it’s like when you take a left turn that the people around you don’t necessarily support, what it feels like to tune into your own intuition, and how staying present in our creative process allows it to flow and change in ways that benefit us. I personally have benefitted from exploring ideas that are beyond own my beliefs and comprehension, I find it stimulating to my inspiration, so please open your ears and your mind and I hope you enjoy listening. Danielle and I spoke over our laptops from Austin to Boston, so please forgive any strange audio quality. I hope this episode expands and inspires you to tap into your own inner knowing and venture bravely toward whatever it is that makes your heart sing. 

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