The End of a Witch’s Story - The Book of 2 Kings

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In this Bible Story, Jehu is used by God to rid Israel of evil. He kills Jezebel and all the remnants of king Ahab. He also toppls the temples of Baal along with all its followers. Eventually, he succumbs to his own inner evils and strays away from God. This story is inspired by 2 Kings 9:30-10:36. Go to and learn the Bible in a Year.Today's Bible verse is 2 Kings 9:34 from the King James Version.Episode 139: Jehoshaphat, in an attempt to broker peace between him and Israel, betrothed his son Joram to Ahab’s daughter Athaliah. But because the wicked and idolatrous nature of her parents was in her, both Jehoram and the nation of Judah would be led astray. And as he, his kingdom, and his sons passed away; his wife Athaliah plotted. Determined to stay in power, she killed all of her grandchildren so that the line of David could not stand in her way. But God would not let her evil stand in the way of His promise. Jehosheba, Athaliah’s daughter, hid away one of Ahaziah’s sons in the temple to be raised by the priests and taken care of until he could become king!Hear the Bible come to life as Pastor Jack Graham leads you through the official podcast. This Biblical Audio Experience will help you master wisdom from the world’s greatest book. In each episode, you will learn to apply Biblical principles to everyday life. Now understanding the Bible is easier than ever before; enjoy a cinematic audio experience full of inspirational storytelling, orchestral music, and profound commentary from world-renowned Pastor Jack Graham.Also, you can download the app for more Christian content, including, Daily Prayers, Inspirational Testimonies, and Bedtime Bible Stories.Visit for more resources on how to tap into God's power for successful Christian is the digital destination of faith. With over 5,000 daily prayers, meditations, bedtime stories, and cinematic stories inspired by the Bible, the app has everything you need to keep your focus on the Lord. Make Prayer a priority and download the #1 App for Prayer and Sleep today in the Apple app store or Google Play store.Executive Producers: Steve Gatena & Max BardProducer: Ben GammonHosted by: Pastor Jack GrahamMusic by: Andrew Morgan SmithBible Story narration by: Todd HaberkornSee for privacy information.