Introducing Genetics Unzipped

Season 5 of Big Biology starts next week, so this week we are thrilled to highlight Genetics Unzipped, another one of the great science podcasts out there. Genetics Unzipped is the official podcast of the Genetics Society, one of the oldest learned societies dedicated to promoting  research, training, teaching and public engagement in all areas of genetics.  Hosted and produced by Drs Kat Arney and Sally Le Page, Genetics Unzipped entertains listeners with fascinating stories about all things genetics and DNA. In this episode, learn the science behind the macabre question, "when should you eat your relatives?" A look at kin-selection and all the wild scenarios in nature where this question arises, this episode is one of our favorites for all the “family dinner” puns alone!   Visit to learn more and see full episode transcripts, subscribe to Genetics Unzipped wherever you get podcasts, and say hello on Twitter @GeneticsUnzip

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