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134: Paying Off Debt - And Avoiding Debt Relapse with Chris Browning from Popcorn Finance

from BiggerPockets Money Podcast | Published 7/20/2020

Chris Browning had dreams of creating movies for Pixar - until he started art classes in college and realized that wasn’t his calling. He was also taking a personal finance class and thoroughly enjoyed it, so he changed his major to finance and never looked back. Chris should have perfect finances, right? Well… Chris found himself in debt after graduating in 2009 and working as a bank teller, trying to impress his girlfriend (now wife). He took control of his finances, telling his girlfriend that they needed to reign in their spending so he could pay off debt. But once his debt was gone, he started saving in earnest for an engagement ring, spent everything he had on that, and found himself in debt again when they started planning their wedding. Life happened, debt continued to stack up until they realized they were $27,000 in debt, with salaries just over that amount - all while living in Southern California. Living paycheck-to-paycheck makes it hard to throw extra money at your debt. Chris and his wife reviewed their spending and were shocked by what they were spending on. Once they knew where their money was going, they were able to drastically reduce their spending and throw more money at their debt. It turns out, tracking your spending and sticking to a budget are both excellent pieces of advice that can help anyone turn their financial situation around and start down the path toward financial independence. In This Episode We Cover:His journey with moneyHow much debt he has on his weddingWhat he did on paying off his debtChanges he make while paying off his debtHow he approached his wife on making changes about their budgetTalking about his emergency fundDave Ramsey's baby stepsHow he plan his retirementSteps towards saving for early retirementWhen did he discover Financial IndependenceHis vision for retirementHow to use credit card responsiblyHis tips on travel hackingAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets Money Facebook GroupMint: Budget Tracker & PlannerBiggerPockets Money Podcast 75 with Justin from Saving SherpaBiggerPockets Money Podcast 39 with Jamila SouffrantBiggerPockets Money Podcast 15 with Brad and Jonathan from ChooseFIDave Ramsey's Envelope System

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