Episode 30 (with Tim Morrant): Supertramp (Part 2)

Take a rank of my girlfriend, she’s the only one I got! Ollie, Chris and Mr Morrant Sr Tim are back on Supertramp, rounding off the career with Breakfast In America, Famous Last Words, Brother Where You Bound, Free As A Bird, Some Things Never Change and Slow Motion - phew! We also do our The Nicher The Better top 5 songs about breakfast and our usual shoutouts at the end.  Chris and Ollie will be back after a couple of weeks to cover Queen Bey herself, the almighty Beyoncé! To get that in your ears on release, subscribe on your favourite podcatcher and while you’re there, a 5* review and a recommendation to a pal would be lovely 😘 thanks for joining us for Supertramp, see you for Beyoncé!

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Two bored men play their favourite game: analysing music. Each episode, they choose an established artist and rank their albums in order of greatness, sometimes with the help or hindrance of some special guests and friends. It's a real rankfest.