protecting you from a plague with a magic tattoo; whispered roleplay

bluemind ASMR - A podcast by blue skies

Welcome to bluemind ASMR, your personal relaxation station. I’m your host, blue skies. Tonight I become your tattooist who is also a mage, and give you a special tattoo of protection and blessing against the plague, and against the social strangeness/difficulty of emerging from quarantine after a long time. I hope you enjoy. Headphones recommended~ * you are on episode 155~  * this episode goes public on July 27th 2021~ * discover more at  * a big shout-out to my wonderful and amazing patrons: Moonflower, Tom, Colleen, Lara, and Jo! 💙💚 bluemind ASMR is a listener-supported podcast; that means no ads, no sponsorships. you can support the show (and get rewards) by becoming a patron:  * you can also set up a recurring donation (no reward) here: or leave a tip here: * commission a custom ASMR audio: * contact: mailto: [email protected] * the bluemind ASMR community discord server: * my fav ASMR *video* of the week: "ASMR Elven Druid Magically Takes Care of You (Personal Attention, Nature Sounds, Hair Combing)" by Amy Kay ASMR * Disclaimer: This production is for entertainment purposes only; it is not a replacement for professional help. All roleplays are fictional; any resemblances to real people are coincidental. * Copyright: This episode is the original work of myself, blue skies. CC-BY --- Send in a voice message: