How to Best Make the Impossible Possible - BM342

Have you ever considered how you could achieve the impossible and make it possible?Listen as Steve Sims, founder of the world's leading experiential concierge firm, shares his expertise on how to ignore what everyone else thinks and go for big, stupid, ridiculous goals.In this powerful episode, Steve drops SO MANY value bombs that you'll want to re-listen to the recording multiple times to make sure you didn’t miss anything.Specifically, you'll discover...How to achieve what you want if you weren't afraid of being laughed atWhy do so many people's opinions not matterThe importance of focusing on your message and who you are trying to impactAnd a whole lot more...Click here to find out more about Steve's book "Go For Stupid"Go to to schedule your free call.  Click here to schedule your 20-minute brainstorming session with Susan

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