Biological Age Reversal With Bryan Johnson

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Bryan Johnson is the world's most measured human. Johnson sold his company, Braintree Venmo, to PayPal for $800m in 2013. Since then, he's been investing millions to slow and reverse his aging. In 2021, he set a World Record by reducing his epigenetic age by 5.1 years in 7 months. Johnson publicly blogs, sharing at no cost his protocols, data and learnings for others to implement and improve upon.  Project Blueprint, is an endeavor to achieve humanity and earth scale cooperation starting within Self. In 2023, Johnson launched Rejuvenation Olympics, an epigenetic leaderboard assessing one's speed of aging. Of the 1,750 people who have been using this state-of-the-art aging algorithm to track their progress longitudinally, Johnson ranks #1 in speed of age reduction. Johnson is also the founder & CEO of Kernel, creator of the world’s first mainstream non-invasive neuroimaging system; and OS Fund, where he invested $100M in the predictable engineering of atoms, molecules, and organisms into companies now collectively valued over $6B. He is an outdoor adventure enthusiast, pilot, and author of children’s books, Code 7 and The Proto Project.  Today we discuss Bryan's plan, daily habits, why he began to embark on this feat and much more . Learn more about Bryan's Blueprint Here Follow Bryan on Twitter  Follow Bryan and Instagram