Breastfeeding Talk

# 021: Bottle Feeding: What You're Doing Wrong and How to Fix It

from Breastfeeding Talk | Published 6/4/2020

This episode is full of Jacqueline Kincer's genius on what bottles are appropriate to use in the newborn stage and beyond. Not only does this matter for breastfeeding babies, but also exclusively bottle-fed babies. Most parents (and even professionals) are swayed by the heavy marketing and branding out there. Before you make your baby registry, or invest in tons of bottles, listen to the episode so you know what bottles to buy!In this episode, you'll hear:Why it's critical that your baby uses the correct bottleCommon mistakes parents make when choosing a bottleWhich brands are the worst (and which are the best)How to properly USE a bottle to feed your babyLINKS:Breastfeeding Ultrasound: an online video appointment with me: Access to my online courses: Holistic Lactation on InstagramMy WebsiteConnect with me on Instagram & Facebook!Holistic Lactation - Herbal Supplements Holistic Lactation makes organic herbal supplements for supporting healthy and ample lactation.

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Breastfeeding Talk is a conversational podcast that explores the breastfeeding journey with a focus on new motherhood. Stock broker turned lactation consultant, host Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, CSOM shares with you her best advice for navigating this stage of motherhood with a mix of humor, realness, science, and compassion. On the Breastfeeding Talk podcast, you can expect honest conversations with leaders in breastfeeding health, raw talk about breastfeeding your baby, and most importantly: tips and strategies to create a breastfeeding journey that brings you joy.