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Don’t Celebrate Your Company’s Success Until You Find Product Market Fit

from Build With Rob | Published 9/20/2021

Rob views building a company through the Machine Method much like starting a new relationship. Going through the Discovery phase, doing your Diligence on the person to see if the effort is worthwhile, Building a meaningful foundation before Launching into exclusivity, then… time to Scale. It’s so tempting to get overly excited by that first prototype, seeing your product on the shelf, positive initial customer feedback, and really any other part of the journey of building a business. Each step is so taxing, and each step feels like a journey unto itself. However, Rob would implore you to wait until finding the all important Product Market Fit before popping the Champagne. Only then do you have a real business. Rob talks to two entrepreneurs on this episode about their businesses and answers their questions about business and life. Travis Chappell built Guestio as a marketplace for podcasters to book prominent guests for a fee. He calls it Cameo for podcasting. But a secondary feature, hiring talent for endorsements, catches Rob’s eye. Korey Klein is a relentless serial entrepreneur. He gives her the advice to do as much failing as possible in the research and development of a product before she spends a dime. Learn more about this episode.

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