5 Reasons Your Boundaries Aren't Working

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A few months ago, I launched a series on biblical boundaries, and these videos were met with welcome arms and the thank yous were flooding in, but it wasn't too long until I was inundated with one disheartened message after another. their boundaries weren't working. What went wrong? Was my advice off or are there just certain people that are immune to boundaries? Let's find out. Because in this video, I'm going to be addressing the panic and the frustration by talking about five reasons that your boundaries aren't working and what you can do about it. Welcome back, my friend, to another edition of the Building Faith podcast. I’m your host, Kris Reece and it is my mission as always to provide you with Biblical solutions to Life's tough challenges. You don't understand, boundaries don't work with my mother! You just don't get it! My husband…. I will not tolerate boundaries. My friend, I hear this remark all the time. Maybe it's a manipulative mother, an obnoxious boss, or whoever it is that you've likely reached your breaking point and you realized that you need boundaries. You finally realize, “I need boundaries with this person.” So, you set out with apprehension in one hand and some disgust in the other and you declare your NO, only to get met with a variety of reactions ranging from rage to the silent treatment. What went wrong? Maybe you're thinking that boundaries are hopeless. Boundaries are necessary for every relationship. Yes, even healthy ones! Even Jesus had boundaries. So before you give in and give up, let's talk about five reasons that your boundaries aren't working and what we can do to fix them.  if you need help setting boundaries with a toxic family, I want you to check out my new course called Biblical Boundaries with Toxic Family. Go ahead and click the link in the description section below.Are you struggling with toxic people? Maybe it’s a stonewalling husband, a narcissistic mother, or an overbearing boss. Well, I want to invite you to grab a copy of our free Toxic People Survival Guide.