Hit Your 2023 Goals - Proven Biblical Strategies for Success

There’s just something refreshing about a new year. It's a brand new opportunity to wipe the slate clean and get a reset. A chance to stop feeling like a loser from missing the mark last year and opportunity and a do-over for this year. Well, hey, my friend. My name is Kris Reece. I want to welcome you back to another edition of the Building Faith Podcast. Where it is my hope to bring you Biblical solutions to life's tough challenges. So, if you are being blessed by our time together, would you do me a favor and go ahead and hit that like and subscribe button so you don't miss a thing. So, each January 1  we hit the reset button, and we try again. Now, I love resets, I love new opportunities, I love new seasons, but I hate repeats. I don't like repeating myself, and I hate going around the same mountain. And after a while the views can get a little boring and monotonous, and you don't feel very accomplished. So today, I want to help you to make 2023 the year that you change your view. The year that you actually achieve your goals, so you can aspire to new ones. From losing weight to getting out of debt to spending more time with your family and with God, we all love to take the new year as a new season to set out to, maybe be a better person. But a dream without a plan is just to wish. So, today I want to take you through, four surefire steps to help you nail your goals every single time. And, these are the same four steps that I apply to everything that I wish to accomplish. Number one, clarify. Look, this seems to be an obvious one, but many miss this. If you can't properly clarify your goals, how are you going to know when you hit them? So, get clear on the goals and the dreams that you have and start by writing them down. There is something powerful that happens when you take it from your head to your hand. Vividly describing your goals is strongly associated with goal success. It actually increases memory retention. Now, you may be saying to me, “Kris, believe me. I'm not going to forget that I need to lose 20 pounds.” But, writing those goals down doesn't just help you remember. It makes your mind more efficient in finding the solution to that goal. And, this is not to be confused with the bogus Law-of-Attraction teaching. Proverbs 21:5 reminds us that the plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty. When you write down your goals, your wishlist becomes your to-do list. So, start writing and don't worry about the details just yet. Don't dismiss your goals as unachievable just yet. Just get them down on paper and then take the next step. 

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