Called and Caffeinated

79 Days in the NICU and Counting feat. John, Stacey and Honora Sumereau

from Called and Caffeinated | Published 4/14/2021

It's been the wildest ride of our lives. At publishing time we're on day 93 in the NICU. John and I took listener questions and I think this episode will speak to anyone going through a hard time. Topics Discussed How have John and I supported each other? How have we reconciled the human negative emotions with being a faithful Christian? How do we deal with the vulnerability of the situation around strangers and sharing this experience? Will this experience prevent us from having more kids? How can people support parents of babies in the NICU? How has the experience been for Raffy and Zelie? Where have we seen God? Resources Come on pilgrimage with us! Jan 2022 we are taking flight to the Holy Land and we'd love to have you along for the adventure! Stacey's blog on our family's journey Fr. James Brent's video- Offer It Up Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence This episode is sponsored by Catholic Match. To start your Catholic love story with a FREE profile click here!

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Hearing God's calls for our lives isn't always easy. How do we interpret and understand what God is calling us to, both in our vocation and in other life choices? Join Stacey Sumereau on coffee dates with Catholic friends for insight and inspiring guidance. Stacey toured with Broadway shows before finding out that her dreams weren't making her happy. Her discernment of her future took a radically different turn when Lifetime documented her journey on the reality TV series "The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns." Since then she hasn't stopped searching for God's will! More on discernment at Original music by JF Church.