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Ep 146 Vulnerable AF with Veronica Kaulinis

from The Calmer You Podcast | Published 4/5/2021

Don’t forget to grab your FREE anxiety-busting tool kit at and you’ll also be the first to hear about the latest news, freebies and podcasts.It was such a pleasure to speak with the Founder of Vulnerable AF Veronica Kaulinis. She shows heart-centered leaders how to be braver so they can courageously and authentically communicate what they want.Vulnerable AF is a global movement that encourages vulnerability, expansion, and intimate, deep and thought-provoking conversations in a safe space.Her mission is to expose any negative stigmas of vulnerability.We chat about:What does it mean to be vulnerable?The line between vulnerability and oversharingThe importance of doing uncomfortable thingsHow to get out of your head and into your bodyFor the full episode search for ‘The Calmer you Podcast’ in the podcast app in iTunes or on Spotify or come on over to See for privacy and opt-out information.

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