Shaun Edwards Part One: From the Wigan pits to the Rugby World Cup

For The Love Of Rugby - A podcast by Crowd Network

Captains is back! Sam Warburton is joined by his former Wales coach Shaun Edwards; a legend of Rugby League and current France defence coach. An incredibly successful leader from a very young age, Shaun explains how his upbringing in Wigan shaped his outlook on life and that a fear of going down the pit inspired him great things as a player and coach. With the Rugby World Cup on the horizon, Shaun explains how he had to adapt his coaching style with Les Bleus and they discuss what makes France skipper Antoine Dupont a modern day great. To get in touch with the show, email [email protected] and for extra content search for ‘Captains with Sam Warburton’ on LinkedIn. If you are listening on Apple and would like to listen to this episode ad-free, as well as getting access to Crowd's other sports shows, click here: You can also listen ad-free on Amazon music. Music courtesy of BMG Production Music. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit