Ross Goodwin from Bhoys Analytics chats with Celtic Now and Forever

Celtic Now and Forever is a podcast for the fans to speak their opinion's and views on the club we love Celtic. Football is all about opinion's and we want to hear different fans views weekly with some added value of higher profile guests and Celtic Fans bringing you a different style to podcasting.In this episode Host Ryan Clifford was joined again by Ross Goodwin from Bhoys Analytics.. in this episode we chatted about what his work on twitter with Analytics and data.. Ross told us exactly whats involved and how he researches this.Ross gave us his opinions on Ange the new manager and spoke about what we feel we will get under him will new players come in soon and who will leave we also previewed tonights pre season against Bristol City. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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The Celtic Now and Forever Podcast. A Podcast for the fans.. Hosted by Ryan Clifford and regularly panellist Robert Boyle.This podcast is for fans to come together to express and air their views on the club we love Celtic in detail while debating and analysing the games and events as they unfold.Substantial interviews by guest’s and speaking about their experience’s following Celtic. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.