Tuesdays Center Stage: The Voice of The Project Economy

Talent Acquisition, Change, and Technology

from Center Stage: The Voice of The Project Economy | Published 12/22/2020

Our world is one of ideas, thoughts, and technology. At the core are talented people who generate the ideas and products we desire. Sean Kelley, talent innovator, has worked across leading organizations responsible for creating this world.In this podcast, Sean Kelley is an advisor to leaders offering insights on change, talent acquisition, and women in technology.  Sean has served as a leader in Amazon as Director Talent Acquisition, Microsoft, Starbucks, and the US Naval Academy. He is currently working on issues related to finding a cure for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, veteran’s transition and employment in technology industry, and diverse representation in the technology field.

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The nature of work is changing. As organizations restructure their activities around projects and programs during a time of unprecedented change and complexity, they’re also called on to reimagine how problems are solved and how work gets done. This takes a deep commitment to collaboration, empathy and innovation. Through this podcast series, ‘Center Stage: The Project Economy’, PMI presents the real meaning of innovative change, focusing on the strengths of virtual teams and cross-functional project-based work. We’ll help you stay on top of the trends and see what’s ahead for The Project Economy, and your career.