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Unlearn to Achieve

from Center Stage: The Voice of The Project Economy | Published 5/26/2020

Good leaders know they need to continuously learn, but great leaders know when to unlearn the past to succeed in the future.In this podcast, Barry O’Reilly shares the system he uses to help Fortune 500 executives and business leaders rethink their strategies, retool their capabilities, and revitalize their businesses for stronger, longer-lasting success. The best-selling author of Unlearn and Lean Enterprise talks with PMI COO, Joe Cahill, about how to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances, identify what to stop, what to keep, and what to change to unlearn, relearn and breakthrough to achieve extraordinary results.PMI community members can access Barry O’Reilly’s recent report on why Scaling Innovation Means Descaling Work is at https://barryoreilly.com/resources/

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The nature of work is changing. As organizations restructure their activities around projects and programs during a time of unprecedented change and complexity, they’re also called on to reimagine how problems are solved and how work gets done. This takes a deep commitment to collaboration, empathy and innovation. Through this podcast series, ‘Center Stage: The Project Economy’, PMI presents the real meaning of innovative change, focusing on the strengths of virtual teams and cross-functional project-based work. We’ll help you stay on top of the trends and see what’s ahead for The Project Economy, and your career.