Climate Quickie: Why climate change is unfair

Why is it that the communities that have the least to do with creating climate change are the ones who suffer the most harm? You only have to look at Guyana, one of the world’s few carbon sinks, to see how flooding and a dangerously low sea level is putting the nation at risk of going underwater. In this Climate Quickie with environmental lawyer, Melinda Janki, hear her thoughts on why stories of the Global South’s pioneering approaches to the climate crisis are kept quiet, and how we can rebalance the climate conversation to be more representative of global realities, as opposed to the usual Western perspectives. If you enjoyed this quickie, why not listen to Melinda’s full episode on Climate Curious – How the Guyanese people are fighting big oil We hope you enjoy this new format we’re sprinkling in as an extra to our standard 30 minute episodes. Let us know what other interesting facts, digestible explainers and practical tips from former guests you’d like to hear [email protected]

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