Ep 1 - How Stockholm Moves with Lars Strömgren

Welcome to the first episode of Collective Choices! Lars Strömgren is Vice Mayor for Transport and Urban Environment in Stockholm, Sweden. We're talking about:- why transport solutions also include decreasing transport, not just facilitating it- the time when Stockholm had more cyclists than Copenhagen- electric boats as buses - winter cycling- what the recent EU resolution to adopt a cycling strategy means- summer streets and play streets- how city planning is a bit like Hamlet- the essence of a cityThis episode was recorded in the Stockholm City Hall, a gorgeous building that should be on your must-see list in case you visit Stockholm.https://stadshuset.stockholm/en/To get a sense of how cycling in Stockholm looks like, you can find a few photos I took here: https://www.doruoprisan.com/cycling/Support the showCollective Choices is a podcast by Doru Oprisan, exploring sustainable choices for a better future and the process of agreeing on those choices. Thanks for listening and sharing!Help me continue this podcast: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/doruoprisanGet in touch:https://www.linkedin.com/in/doruoprisan/www.doruoprisan.com

Om Podcasten

Our future is based on our choices. The ones we make as individuals and also the ones we make as groups, countries and as a species. A peaceful and plentiful future is only possible if we agree on making sustainable choices together. Collective Choices is a podcast that aims to explore both possible solutions to some of our current issues and also the process of reaching agreements for the common good. As more and more people live in cities, these are the key centers that define economic models, political decisions, consumer behavior and mindset shifts with all the eventual global consequences, so we will talk quite a bit about how we can improve life in urban spaces. I am Doru Oprisan, a radio journalist and photographer who loves to ride his bicycle in Stockholm, Sweden.