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S7 Ep1: Ralph Lauren ‘Don’t Forget About Love’ in association with The Conduit Episode 1: Deborah James

from Conduit Conversations | Published 10/21/2020

In this episode, Paul’s guest is author, podcast and campaigner Deborah James, returning to the podcast for the second time. They discuss what Deborah has learned from sharing the story of her bowel cancer with her social media community, the importance of not allowing cancer patients to be forgotten during the COVID pandemic, and her techniques for staying positive and holding on to hope. This episode is part of a new series exploring the role that love plays in inspiring us to face significant challenges, such as living with cancer and mental health struggles. Throughout the series, created in partnership with Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony and Champion Better Lives initiatives, we’ll hear from inspirational speakers from across the globe as they share stories of love in all its guises, from personal relationships to community activism.

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