Episode 60-A Mock Coaching Session-Part II

In this episode, we return to a coaching session with Beth Masterman.  If you haven’t heard Part I, you should go back and listen to that first.  In today’s episode, several months have now past and Beth and I are continuing to explore my next career move. To recap,  Steve, is a 9th year real estate associate at Smith Johnson, an AmLaw 100 firm.  Steve was passed up for partnership and reached out to Beth for help. Steve is not a real person but he has issues which are similar to the issues that some of my clients have faced. After our first session, I reflected on some of the insights I gained from speaking to Beth.  Here is what I came up with: The decision by Smith Johnson was a business decision; it had little to do with me. While there are things I like about Smith Johnson and it has been a great experience, it really isn't the best platform for building my practice. Real estate is not a strategic focus of the firm and because my bill rate is so high, it is hard to generate the work I want to do. The partners I work with are not good role models for what I want from my life and my career. I've never thought about a Plan B and always thought that I'd make partner; but now I get a chance to think more critically. This session takes place several months after this first session.  In working with Beth, I reaffirmed that I actually do like practicing law and even like doing real estate (although it would be nice to branch out a little and do more than leasing).  I met with some contacts at several mid-sized firms but I’m now feeling  that running my own practice is the way to go. But I have some concerns. Additional Resources Listen to Part I of the Mock Interview Listen to my original interview with Beth Masterman What is attorney coaching and how does it work (follow links to see examples and read more about how coaching works.)

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