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Sean Combs' sex trafficking investigation is drawing comparisons to that of Jeffrey Epstein.  Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones' accuses Combs of sexually assaulting him and other victims on multiple occasions. Combs is accused of luring victims onto a yacht he rents for trips to the Virgin Islands and sexually assaulting guests on the yacht. The Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones lawsuit alleges Sean Combs has an aide who plays a role similar to what  Ghislaine Maxwell did for Epstein in helping procure potential victims.  The Jones lawsuit further alleges there is evidence of the sexual assaults and sex trafficking as hidden cameras record everything throughout Combs' homes, which is why homes in LA and Miami were raided. While Sean Combs' estates were being raided, sons, King Combs and Justin Combs were detained during the raids. And now King Combs is speaking out about his detainment and the sex assault scandal engulfing his father on Instagram saying, "stop with the Cap" which is slang for "quit lying." The post is apparently in response to allegations about his father, but the somewhat cryptic message might also be directed at Sean Combs accusers.  Joining Nancy Grace Today: Neama Rahmani  - Fmr. federal prosecutor turned trial attorney, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers Dr. John Delatorre - Licensed psychologist and mediator, specializing in forensic psychology, psychological consultant to Project Absentis: a nonprofit organization that searches for missing persons, resolutionfcs.com, Twitter, IG, and TikTok - @drjohndelatorre  Robert Crispin - Private Investigator, Former Federal Task Force Officer for United States Department of Justice, DEA and Miami Field Division, Former Homicide and Crimes Against Children Investigator, “Crispin Special Investigations” CrispinInvestigations.com, Facebook: Crispin Special Investigations, Inc.  Shannon Henry – President & Founder of SASS Go (Surviving Assault Standing Strong: a nonprofit on a mission to eradicate abuse, trafficking and violence against women and girls globally) Case Consultant, and Adjunct Professor at the University of South Carolina in the Department of Education; @sassgoglobal on FB, Instagram, X, and TikTok Kayla Brantley – Reporter, DailyMail.com; X: @_KaylaBrantley, Instagram: @KaylaBrantley See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.