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Breaking Through What’s Blocking You (AND Your Income!) With Amira Alvarez (Part II)

from Cure For The Common Life with Joseph McClendon III | Published 4/7/2021

Today I am joined by entrepreneur, master mentor, founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, Amira Alvarez. After attracting a quantum leap that empowered her to transform from barely making 6-figures to $700k in one year, Amira has been helping other people turn their dreams into reality all around the world. Specializing in income breakthroughs, Amira empowers entrepreneurs, empire builders, and athletes alike in their pursuit to achieve their goals in record time. Whether it be new heights of happiness or having a thriving business, today’s Part II episode with Miss Alvarez will supercharge you to start smashing through your own glass ceiling! In this episode, Amira also shares strategies and tools for identifying and overcoming what’s blocking YOU from accessing a breakthrough, as we both contribute a few takeaways from the teachings within one of our favorite books: Think And Grow Rich.  Tune into Episode 34 of Cure For The Common Life to hear more!In this episode you will learn: Some background on Amira Alvarez (1:45) What events Amira has coming up, as well as what her podcast, The Unstoppable Woman, is all about (2:44) My personal experience reading the book, Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill (6:14) Some background on the book Think And Grow Rich (8:37) Why the second part of Think And Grow Rich wasn’t published until 2011 (9:23) What my personal mastermind is like (10:44) How Amira approaches being confronted with a challenge (11:55) How we can tap into our infinite intelligence, according to Think And Grow Rich (14:05) The very first question Amira always asks her coaching clients (15:45) A few things Amira believes to be blocking high achievers from accessing the results they seek (19:55) One reason why people often self-sabotage (24:04) A bit of background on ‘The Law of Sacrifice’ (24:55) How we can go about being more transparent with ourselves (34:09) What a ‘Geometric Psychophysical Momentum Loop’ is and how it may be at play in the interactions within your own life (35:16) How Amira has empowered herself through learning to LOVE making mistakes (37:40) A final recommendation I have for you (39:30).Let’s Connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramConnect With Amira for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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