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Living & Giving With the First African-American Photojournalist Assigned to The White House, Reggie Selma

from Cure For The Common Life with Joseph McClendon III | Published 5/12/2021

“The secret to living is giving.”Today I am joined by the legendary, former photojournalist, and very first African American cameraman assigned to The White House, Mr. Reggie Selma. But his influential accomplishments don’t just stop there!! Because off-camera, Reggie has gone on to become one of the most inspiring and mesmerizing speakers in the industry, as well as what I like to lovingly refer to as an “ambassador of dopamine.”From Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama, my friend Reggie has traveled the globe to document the doings of some incredibly important people, and I’m honored today at the opportunity to hear and share some of his greatest stories of all time. Because above ALL else - Reggie Selma is a storyteller, and I can’t wait for you to hear the words that come out of his Magnificent mouth yourself! Tune into Episode 38 of Cure For The Common Life to hear more!In this episode you will learn:Some background on Reggie Selma (1:20) What it was like for Reggie growing up in the segregated South of the United States, as well as how his childhood was directly affected by the Klu Klux Klan (3:30) Reggie’s Father’s philosophy and what it was like growing up with a Minister for a father (6:33) Advice Reggie would offer to someone who’s seeking to uncover their purpose (9:15) The reasons Reggie suggests it’s so important to seek council from those who are outside of our usual circle (11:00) An influential experience Reggie had while filming Nelson Mandela, paired with a few internalized revelations of his own (13:05) The story behind Reggie’s brand new podcast, An Inspired Life (23:10) Why I fondly refer to Reggie as an “ambassador of dopamine” (26:25) One of Reggie’s favorite stories about former President Barack Obama (28:21) A quick, final teaching I wish to leave you with (38:20).Let’s Connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramConnect With Reggie Selma:[email protected] for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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