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Vishen Lakhiani

from Danica Patrick Pretty Intense Podcast | Published 4/8/2021

We have a great show for you today. You might think you are in episode of the Black Mirror, but no it is just the future according to Vishen Lakhiani. Vishen is an amazing future thinker and consciousness engineer. He has a learning platform called Mind Valley. He has bet Harvard University that he can create a better online learning program for Engineering for a fraction of the cost. He started a workout program called 10X.He has a new book coming out called the 6 Phase Meditation. He also has an amazing festival called A_Fest, where you meet with likeminded people in an exotic location and learn about consciousness, technology, existence. This guy is busy. You will be amazed by the future he sees for us. We hope you enjoy this episode.

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I'm Danica Patrick and I'm Pretty Intense! I believe that each and every one of us has the power within ourselves to create the life that we really want. And I want to inspire you to go conquer your dreams, both professionally and personally. That's why I created this podcast. We can learn together with intense discussions with my guests about life, inspiring ideas and ultimately realize our true best self. Our guests will be from all aspects of life: They're going to be family, friends, celebrities, musicians, artists, experts and entrepreneurs. Sometimes people haven't necessarily been asked a certain question or maybe someone hasn't thought a certain way or even challenge themselves. And I feel like for me: I got that therapy through interviews. So. this podcast is going to be intense therapy! We're gonna go as deep as we can possibly go with people and learn what learn how they what they did, and how you can to. Join me for this deep only warning is, it could get Pretty Intense!