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The Murder of Sarah Cherry

from Dark Downeast | Published 2/8/2021

MAINE MURDER, 1988: 12-year old Sarah Cherry disappeared while babysitting on July 6, 1988. A clue laying in the driveway of the house where she was last seen pointed investigators to their primary suspect. Two days later, Sarah's body was discovered in a shallow grave in the woods in Bowdoinham, Maine. Dennis Dechaine is serving a life sentence for the murder of Sarah Cherry, but over 30 years later, he maintains his innocence, and so do his loyal supporters. Retired Detective Dan Reed joins me in the telling of this story. He was one of the first to respond when Sarah was reported missing. Dan Reed came face to face with the man who would later be convicted of her murder. This is the Murder of Sarah Cherry. Find the sources for this episode and more at Shop Dark Downeast merch at Connect with the show at @darkdowneast on Instagram and at [email protected]

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