#8. Indigenous Sovereignty & Revolution fr Majerle Lister & Alexandra Lépine

In this episode, I speak with Majerle Lister (member of the Navajo Nation, host of Wósdéé Podcast, PhD at University of Arizona) about sovereignty, the history of Navajo tribal government, red-baiting, and solidarity between Indigenous and white working people. I also speak with Alexandra Lépine (Métis communist and organizer, Theory and Criticism PhD candidate at Western University) about class and colonial antagonisms in Canada, identity and the concept of “white-passing,” and the necessity of anti-fascist organizing.   ***LINKS - MAJERLE*** The report discussed with Majerle, Land Reform in the Navajo Nation, can be accessed at: https://www.dinecollege.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Land-Reform-In-Navajo-Nation.pdf Majerle’s podcast is called Wósdéé Podcast, it’s available on all platforms go check it out immediately. ***LINKS - ALEX*** The Red River Rebellion https://indigenouspeoplesatlasofcanada.ca/article/red-river-resistance/ Ipperwash https://indigenousfoundations.arts.ubc.ca/ipperwash_crisis/ The Northwest is Our Mother (book) by Jean Teillet: https://www.harpercollins.ca/9781443450126/the-north-west-is-our-mother/ The document “What is Canada?” by the PCR-RCP, discussed with Alex, can be accessed at: http://blogs.ubc.ca/span280/files/2015/12/what-is-canada-primer.pdf Info on Africville, Nova Scotia: https://humanrights.ca/story/the-story-of-africville Accomplices, Not Allies (zine) https://indigenousaction.org/wp-content/uploads/accomplices-not-allies-print-friendly.pdf Defend Your Territory (pamphlet) https://cobp.resist.ca/fr/documentation/defend-your-territory-tactiques-et-techniques-pour-combattre-les-attaques-de-la-police Info on The “Trucker” Convoy https://readpassage.com/p/the-trucker-convoy-is-not-a-workers-revolt/ Info on Every Child Matters: https://nctr.ca/education/every-child-matters/ Interview with Glen Coulthard https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/01/indigenous-left-glen-coulthard-interview/ Info on The Native People’s Caravan: https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/native-people-s-caravan Info on encampment clearing in Toronto: https://www.toronto.com/news-story/10480091-toronto-spent-almost-2-million-to-clear-three-downtown-encampments-this-summer/

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