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#76 - Crazy Birds Fly High with Fazeela Khan-Osborne

from Dental Leaders Podcast | Published 3/31/2021

In this episode, we welcome insight into implantology from Fazeela Khan-Osborne. Fazeela discusses her successful work from hospitals to private practices on Harley Street.   Fazeela also tells us about her experiences of racism, sexism and divorce as well as the uplifting legacies of her parents.   Enjoy!   “And I would say to my students, this is a service in our culture, to bow your head and serve someone is not to demean yourself. It's like the highest form of love. And so I believe that I really believe that. And so for me, that's what the ethos of this clinic is about.”  - Fazeela Khan-Osborne   In This Episode   01.06 - West Indies to the UK 07.35 - Why dentistry? 12.37 - Hospital politics 14.50 - Women in dentistry 17:55 - Business in the West End 23:47 - Getting motivated 26:03 - The patient experience 32:13 - Changing lives 37:40 - Failures club 40:39 - Treatment processes 45:39 - Daily life 52:35 - Children & personal life 57:31 - Dentistry on social media 1:02:10 - Dealing with loss 1:05:02 - The next five years 1:07:19 - Legacy & last days on Earth   About Fazeela Khan-Osborne   Fazeela’s extensive career has gained her an admirable reputation among some of Harley Street’s best. After qualifying from the Royal London in 1994, she continued her training in Oral Surgery and completed her Master’s degree in Restorative Dentistry with Distinction.   Fazeela writes for numerous journals, lectures on Implant Dentistry worldwide and is positioned on several editorial boards. Fazeela is also a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology as well as being a tutor on the Diploma of Implant Dentistry at The Royal College of Surgeons of England. She is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology and the British Association of Aesthetic Dentistry. Fazeela currently works at The One-To-One Dental Clinic on Harley Street - a multidisciplinary aesthetic and implant dental clinic with a full dental team.

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