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#83 - Marketing, Multi-practices and Mothers with Zayba Sheikh

from Dental Leaders Podcast | Published 5/19/2021

We’re pleased to welcome onto this week’s show a multi-practice owner, entrepreneur and family woman Zayba Sheikh.   Zayba’s eye for marketing and business has seen her rise to the top with practices in Fleet Street, Nottinghill and Manchester.   Hear Zayba cover social media presence, opening her first practice and supporting future dental stars.    Enjoy!   “I'm obsessed with what I do, whether it's healthy or not healthy, it's an obsession. And sometimes the best people that are the most successful are the ones that are really weirdly obsessed with what they do.” Zayba Sheikh   In This Episode   01.40 - Growing up in London 04:25 - The flexibility of dentistry 07.29 - Children and holistic practice 11.18 - Opening the first clinic 15:22 - Being a good motivator 22:52 - Life coaching 25:37 - A football analogy 28:20 - Hiring right 30:22 - Social media presence 32:49 - Brand recognition 38:55 - Supporting young dentists 43:56 - Being in the present 48:26 - A day in the life 54:58 - Mother figures 58:22 - Travelling 01:00:00 - Legacy & last days on Earth   About Zayba Sheikh Zayba qualified from the University of Birmingham in Dentistry and is a member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery.   Zayba plays a vital role in the development of the Healthcare Division of Sheikh Holdings as well as being a board member and principal investor.   Zayba has always put others first and is a Trustee of Cosaraf Charitable Foundation. She also created her own dental charity with Smita Mehra called the Neem Treet Foundation.

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