#43: Callum Thomas on Entrepreneurship & Macro (Founder of TopDownCharts)

Callum Thomas (@Callum_Thomas) joins me for a journey through his entrepreneurial experience; having founded TopDownCharts in 2016, and building it into a well known independent research firm, with clients across the world; doing this from New Zealand, and from the very southern tip of New Zealand too! This episode is full of great tips 'n' tricks for anyone considering starting their own business, this was Callum's third attempt, and as it the norm, that made him stronger and more determined than ever to succeed. How did he find his Product/Market fit? How did he get his initial sales? How has COVID enabled him to scale in ways that were previously not possible? We then move on to his macro process/framework, and his current views on all the major asset classes, we do talk about the US Election (it's hard not to right now!) and much more Please DM me on twitter (@Darky999) if you have any feedback, whether good/bad/ugly; many ideas for episodes have come from listeners

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