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Ginny Owens - Listening to Another Voice

from Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff and Friends | Published 5/5/2021

As we try to think through shifts in our careers or moving forward on our ambitions, nothing will debilitate us faster than focusing on the roadblocks or distractions. Our human nature will draw us to see things that just aren't there, or to miss the important pieces altogether. That's why I asked my dear friend, Ginny Owens, to shed some light on what it looks like to listen to another voice. Blind since age three, Ginny’s unique approach to music and books on darkness, life, and faith has a way of helping us see more clearly so we can find hope in the midst of suffering. Here's what she's learned: "You don't always get to choose your circumstances, but you do get to choose the story your life tells." A multiple award-winning and critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter, Ginny Owens became a household name when she was named the Gospel Music Association’s “New Artist of the Year” in 2000. In a meaningful career that now encompasses nearly two decades of music – including 10 full-length recordings, three EPs, a popular Christmas album, number one radio singles, and numerous film and television placements – Ginny’s heartbeat behind the music remains the same – to inspire others through sharing her own story in song. Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, a degenerative eye condition left Ginny completely blind by the tender age of three. As her vision diminished, her love of music and the piano expanded, and Ginny discovered songwriting as a window into her unseen world. The unique perspectives inspired by her vision impairment have resulted in inspirational lyrics paired with her diverse musicianship to afford her a space on an even more diverse set of stages, including the Sundance Film Festival, Lilith Fair and the White House, and recordings that transcend genre expectations. In November 2016, Owens launched the Love Be the Loudest campaign, an initiative in which a portion of album sales are donated to increasing the work of already thriving non-profit organizations. A 3-time Dove Award winner, Ginny’s songs have also been recorded by popular artists like Michael W. Smith, JJ Heller and Rachael Lampa, and the sought-after songstress was commissioned to write the song, “Fly Away,” for the 2017 film, Trafficked – a song that found itself among the song selections considered for the Academy Awards ballot for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture earlier this year. Ginny is also an author, co-authoring Transcending Mysteries, published by HarperCollins in 2015, and the multi-faceted performer also hosts a popular video blog entitled, “How I See It,” in which Owens helps viewers understand the ins-and-outs of living day-to-day life as a blind person. For more information on Ginny, or her philanthropic work with Love Be the Loudest, visit: and Ginny's new book, "Singing in the Dark: Finding Hope in the Songs of Scripture" is now available.  On the episode: Producer : Tatave Abeshyan  Producer & Co-host : Scott Schimmel  JOIN BOB WEEKLY We’ve launched a new subscription-based offering with exclusive content from the one and only Bob Goff. In vintage Bob fashion, you can join him on his adventure of living a life of whimsy, love, and action. Each week you'll receive a video message from Bob, plus guided reflection exercises and activities for personal growth and structured conversations with friends. Now more than ever we need to look to voices we can trust. If Bob's message has inspired you in the past, you're not going to want to miss out on Bob Weekly. So sign up today and let Bob guide you as you go through this unpredictable thing called your life. Learn More 

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