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Peak performance under pressure: Dr Stephen Hearns

from EEAST General Broadcast | Published 8/20/2020

We all have to deal with pressure. Sometimes it's minor like "do I go left or right at the roundabout?". Sometimes it's the difference between life and death. But how can we manage and work with that pressure, rather than against it?Dr Stephen Hearns is a critical care doctor and search and rescue specialist in Scotland, who has spent his career understanding what pressure is and how he can try to handle it in stressful times. His new book 'Peak performance under pressure' goes into detail about the tools and techniques we can all use to manage stress when the going gets tough.This week, Jordan and Stephen talk about why pressure is sometimes good for us, how to recognise stress in other and what to do when you're maxed out.Stephen can be found at his website online courses can be found at's also on Twitter @StephenHearns1As always, if you have any feedback please email [email protected] See for privacy and opt-out information.

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