Daily Parts Meditation Practice with Michelle Glass

Empowered Through Compassion: EMDR and IFS Informed Therapy - A podcast by David Polidi


Season 1 Episode 32, Release Date: 6-1-2024 Daily Parts Meditation Practice ® with Michelle Glass   Michelle Glass is Level 3 trained IFS practitioner, who has written the wonderful book, "Daily Parts Meditation Practice®." She is a Soul Collage facilitator as well as a Spiritual Emergence Coach. She leads Daily Parts Meditation Practice® (DPMP®) Workshops. She has also spent 7 years as the Editor for the magazine, "Foundation for Self-Leadershp." Find out more about Michelle here: http://thelistenerllc.com   Michelle also collaborates with Sentur App. Find out more about this here: http://www.sentur.app   Michelle also has been teaching the integration of IFS for guides working with psychedelics. Find out more about this work on Michelle's website.   Michelle spoke about her book, and how she believe (and practices) checking in with her part each day. In this way, she has been able to cultivate a deep relationship and connection with each one of her parts.   Michelle quoted A.H. Almaas, who has said, The fundamental thing that happened, and the greatest calamity, is not that there was no love or support. The greater calamity, which is caused by the first calamity, is that you lost the connection to your essence. This is much more important than whether your mother or father loved you or not." Michelle shared that for her, when she experienced trauma, the worst part was how this made her question how there could be a higher power, or God, when such horrendous things could happen to people.   IFS was a way that Michelle was able to reconnect to this higher power. Michelle shared how this was through her unburdening some of her hurt and cautious parts.   Michelle was drawn to IFS because of its non-pathologizing nature.    She is very passionate about helping people integrate there parts, and she has shared some of her strategies that have been extremely helpful for her. These include seix strategies that she explores in her book: (1) parts timelines (2) parts maps (3) parts biolographies (4) parts catalogue cards (5) daily parts meditation practice® (6) parts externalization.   The most essential of these six strategies is number 5: DPMP®. This is a meditation practice not only furthers our relationship with our parts, but also helps them remain unburdened. We are able to become "infused" with the unburdened parts' natural qualities. In this way, we can connected with our life's purpose, and deeper recognition of our inherented gifts.   To Michelle, this can provide each of us with a spiritual connection both internally and externally!   Thanks Michelle for such a meaningful conversation and connection!