Empowered Through Finding Your Inner Voice: Maggie Maris

Empowered Through Compassion: EMDR and IFS Informed Therapy - A podcast by David Polidi


Season 2, Episode 26, Release Date: 3-31-2024 Empowered Through Finding Your Inner Voice   Introduction: I wanted to shout out to Feedspot. I am honored to be on two Feedspot lists: "30 Best Internal Family Systems Podcasts" and "Top 60 Trauma Podcasts." If you are searching for a podcast in a particular area of interest, I highly recommend Feedspot, to help you sort through the countless podcasts out there!   Check out IFS Podcasts here: http://podcasts.feedspot.com/internal_family_systems_podcasts/   Find out more about Maggie here: en.maggiesway.nl   My Compassionat Conversation with Maggie Maris: Maggie is the author of "My Journal: By FInding Yourself Your Will Find Your Happiness." In addition to being an author, she is a life coach, and founder of Maggie's Way.   Maggie has ADHD and Dyslexia, which made growing up very challenging for her. In school, teachers were extremely unkind. Maggie felt pressured to please everyone, and even try to be perfect! This led her down a path were eventually, she got extremely depressed. This depression lasted seven years, and got her to a place where she no longer wanted to be alive.   The point where everything changed for Maggie was when she realized that she needed to find her inner voice. At this moment, she realized she needed to do things her way, and to focus on her needs.   Maggie did not find therapy particularly helpful, and so she decided to embark on a personal quest to find the answers to why she felt so bad. She started to follow her own path, leadin her to discover who she really was and what maade her happy. This journey led her to heal and discover her true self and the courage to advocate for herself-- a pivotal moment that birthed Maggie's Way: en.maggiesway.nl and ultimately her book, MY JOURNAL: en.maggiesway.nl/my-journal   MY JOURNAL is a personalized roadmap to self-awareness, growth, and lasting happiness. With meaningful writing prompts, inspirtational exercises, and Maggie's personal touch, MY JOURNAL becomes your personal coach, guiding you to connect with yourself, choose for yourself, and unleash your full potential. The book wil lead you to discover your talents, create healthy habits, and develop clear life goals. By dedicating time to self-care and embracing a positive mindset and reflection, you will be one step closer to being truly happy and being in control of your life. She is committed to helping others on their journey to mental well-being and a healthy lifestyle.    Maggie outlined four key things that she feels are needed for healing:   (1) Being open minded and open hearted. In thia way, we can have more understanding of our thoughts and behaviors.   (2) Understanding ourselves, and being familiar with our likes and dislikes.   (3) Focusing on our self-worth. We can focus on our needs and being able to verbalize them to others.   (4) Exploring what our "best life" looks like, and working to manifest this.   Maggie's hope is that by sharing her journal, others will be able to construct their journal and be able to connect with their inner voice. She hopes that others can manifest their happy lives, and be able to increase their awareness of their thoughts and behaviors.