Finding Our Gifts Through Divine Love: Brian Jaudon

Empowered Through Compassion: EMDR and IFS Informed Therapy - A podcast by David Polidi


Season 2, Episode 27, Release Date: 4-06-2024 Finding Our Gifts Through Divine Love: Brian Jaudon   On this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Jaudon, a master coach, mentor, trainer and teacher of coaches. Brian has co-designed and taught two global courses on incorporating IFS into coaching. He is also Founder of Pisgah Institute. You can find out more about Brian and his offerings at:   Brian shares how he works with coaches, so these coaches can successfully help others bring their unique gifts into the world. Brian feels that it is important to help people understand why they are alive and here right now.    For Brian, he believes that we are all here to be of service to others. This resonates with me, I believe that having compassion is all about giving it away!   Brian's three steps of coaching are helping people: (1) Answering the question, "What do I want to create in my life and work?" (2) Discover how they can be of service to others. (3) Understand their "Divine Contract" of why they are on Earth, and to live out this contract.   Brian shared a very pivotal experience for him was when cancer was in his body. Brian explained how the second time he got cancer, he was able to befriend his cancer. He applied Richard Schwartz views that there are no bad parts to the cancer, and saw the cancer as something that had an important message for him.    Brian shared some of his experience with Bert Hllinger's Family Constellation work. This helped Brian externalize his experience with cancer, and represent three crucial elements: (a) the cancer (b) his "Self" energy and (c) Divine Love. Brian said, "Divine love became more than a concept, I developed a relationship with it."   Brain was even able to turn to tha cancer and say, "Thank you for bringing Divine Love into my life." Brian turned to his cancer and gave it an invitation to leave his body. Utimately, Brian left the decision up to the cancer. In this way, Brian internalized the Divine Love, and was able to show love to his cancer!   Through this process, Brian continued to evolve his vision of coaching. His vision expanded to include ways to manifest and embody this Divine Love, to inspire others to do the same.   When working with other people's visions, Brian shared how he brings in Internal Family Systems. He said, "Once the right vision has presented itself, we map out all of a persons internal parts." Brian shared how as coaches we can help people discover what the internal system is organized around, and to work to align this with a vision. If there are parts that are not aligned with the vision, these parts are brought into the light, so they could be seen and better understood.    Brian has also been impacted by the work of Judith Johnson who has said, "Love brings anything unlike itself to the surface to be healed." Find out more about Judith and her work here:    Brian feels that as a coach, as well as trainer for coaches, he wants to help teach people how to recognize the gifts that they have been born with. He teaches how our internal system can be unburdened and deeply understood. In this way our gifts and innate abilities can be materialized and shared with others. Thank you Brian for such a beautiful conversation, it was such a gift talking with you!