IFS and EMDR with guest John Clarke

Empowered Through Compassion: EMDR and IFS Informed Therapy - A podcast by David Polidi


Season 2, Episode 28, Release Date: 4-12-2024 IFS and EMDR with guest John Clarke   Today I have the pleasure of speaking with John Clarke. John is a fellow podcaster, and has created the show, "Going Inside, Healing Trauma from the Inside Out." He is a trauma therapist who uses evidenced based models of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Somatic Experiencing (SE). You can find out more about John on his website: www.johnclarketherapy.com   John was introduced to EMDR first, and then when he learned IFS, he saw this as a big game changer. EMDR gave him a deeper perspective of memories, and then, IFS helped give him a deeper understanding of parts of our system that holds these memories. There is also an understanding of the parts that feel that they have to protect (and sometimes exile) these more vulnerable parts.   John has a podcast and show named, "Going Inside." This is his second show that he has created, and with this show he is hoping to reach out to anyone who has an interest in therapy and wants to understand more about some of the amazing trauma models that are out there.    We spoke about how IFS is seen as a psycho-spiritual model, particularly with its understanding around Self-energy. John shared how when he spoke with Seth Kopald, they discussed how children have so much Self-energy, and John can see this in his daughter.   As we get older, we start developing shame. John shared that helping people recognize and deal with their shame is such a big part of the work that we do. A lot of our work is around sitting with people when they come to therapy, and taking the time to help them understand their parts, and befriending their parts. It this way, we can also help others unpack some of the profound fears that they are carrying, that they are not good enough, and that if other people really saw them, they might end up alone.    John shared how hard it could be for people who have been traumatized to be able to accept the moment, and trust that things will work out-- because this hasn't happened in their past. This can trigger the difficult emotions in their body.    What are the purposes of emotions? What does pathology exist? John shared how he feels that IFS model is so beautiful because it encourages us to turn to the parts that have these intense emotions, and understand and listen to the wisdom that these parts are trying to give to us.   Thank you John for our lovely conversation. I am looking forward to speaking with you again, on your podcast :)