Victoria Eagle and the Internal Family Systems Telehealth Collective

Empowered Through Compassion: EMDR and IFS Informed Therapy - A podcast by David Polidi


Season 1, Episode 34, Release Date: 6-16-2024 Victoria Eagle and the IFS Telehealth Collective   Find out more about Victoria here:   This is a very special episode for me, to introduce a wonderful co-worker of mine, Victoria Eagle. She has been working at the IFS-Telehealth Collective, she is a supervisor here, and also runs group with one of the founders Paul Ginter. Find out more about these groups here:   Victoria shared that she was drawn to IFS because of its non-pathologizing nature. She felt that she was able to see her clients (first children, then parents) through this lens of compassion and connection.    When Victoria was trained in IFS, and shared the concept of multiplicity, and helped people see the parts within them, she helps parents relate to these parts as if they were their children. Victoria sees these parts as individual clients that are walking into her office. In this way, each part is an entity that we want to get to know and appreciate.   As we accept and love our inner world, this energy also is reflected in our relationship to the outter way as well.   Victoria shared how when people are able to experience their self energy, she can see this reflected in their faces "it is as the sunshine is warming them."   Victoria shared how the IFS-TC handles diagnosing clients, and how this is a collaborative process. The diagnosing is done to describe symptoms, and help care for people. She strives to choose the least pathologizing diagnoses, and holds these diagnoses lightly.