Ep 11: Teaching reading: The reading comprehension house

In this new instalment, our expert panel discuss how reading teaching can be supported using the reading comprehension house, which featured in our updated guidance report, Improving Literacy in Key Stage 2.Regular host Alex Quigley is joined by our Literacy Content Specialist, Sarah Green, in discussion with: Kate Cain, Professor of Language and Literacy Development at Lancaster University (Start – 30:25); Caroline Bilton, Deputy Headteacher at Cragside C of E Primary School (30:25 – 36:50); and James Siddle, Primary School Headteacher and Director of Kyra Research School (36:50– End). This episode is the counterpart to a previous episode on teaching reading fluency, which featured Professor Tim Rasinski, Julie Phazey and Louise Quinn.

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Evidence into Action is a podcast from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). This podcast welcomes experts in the field of education – fantastic researchers with important things to say, alongside a wealth of brilliant teachers and school leaders. Our mission is straightforward: to tackle the most important educational topics and offer you plenty of evidence-based ideas to reflect on and, hopefully, be able to put into action.