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What the Fintech? Episode 16 | Financial inclusion 2020

from FinTech Futures | Published 11/15/2020

Nina Mohanty, executive at Klarna and co-host of Breaking Banks Europe podcast, joins us on this latest episode of the What the Fintech? podcast. We talk about the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) report that revealed how a staggering 12 million people are in danger of low financial resilience due to the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. We also unpack how COVID-19 is fuelling a boom for Africa-focused money transfer companies. Mohanty shares her research findings on financial inclusion, specifically around the most vulnerable people in our communities from women, people of colour and refugees. Tune in to hear her interesting buzzword on another rendition of ‘Fintech Jail’! Subscribe to the FinTech Futures newsletter: What the Fintech is brought to you by the team behind and the Banking Technology Magazine.

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