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#24 Andrew Sai from Ghana to Estonia: I love the sauna!

from Found in Estonia | Published 4/9/2021

Listen to Andrew sharing why Africans never sleep in a tent, how does the naming system function in Ghana. Why does Andrew like the cold and sauna in Estonia? How did he survive his first winter in Estonia, when the heating broke down? How did he manage to study and work full time? What are the differences in school systems in Ghana vs Estonia? What are the staple foods in Ghana? How does he enjoy winter sports here? And most importantly why did he prefer moving to Estonia instead of Australia? Let’s find out! *

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Found in Estonia podcast is sharing chats with foreigners who have made Estonia their home. It’s here to inspire more open-mindedness and bring people together. Foreigners are sharing their useful tips, recommendations, and fascinating observation about Estonians and life in Estonia. 
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