267: Stardust + Horoscope

Jessica talks to a listener about familial pressure to have a baby. Then the reading takes a turn when the listener's late father comes through to weigh in that topic and many others.  What do a Full Moon in Capricorn, an overwhelming Venus square to Neptune, and a Mercury square to Chiron have in common? They're all in this week's horoscope! 🔮 To learn more about Jessica's offerings visit lovelanyadoo.com 🪐 Learn with me: https://www.lovelanyadoo.com/shop ⭕️ Astrology for Days is available at astrologyfordays.com 📍 Support the podcast and get loads of extras (including a Ghost bonus episode monthly) on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/JessicaLanyadoo. 💙 For daily insights and resources follow Jessica on Twitter at @jessicalanyadoo or on Instagram at @jessica_lanyadoo 🏳️‍🌈 The Church of Prismatic Light prismaticlightchurch.org  🗳 The Church of Universal Suffrage universalsuffragechurch.org ✊ Supporting local abortion funds that help arrange and pay for abortion care for patients who need it! - Give to The National Network of Abortion Funds at abortionfunds.org · Donate to Yellowhammer Fund at https://action.yellowhammerfund.org/VJwyf79UF0yW0qhFnyakGw2?emci=32aee290-24cb-ec11-997e-281878b83d8a&emdi=98636d8d-26cb-ec11-997e-281878b83d8a&ceid=1225801 · Donate to Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund at https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/mrff?emci=32aee290-24cb-ec11-997e-281878b83d8a&emdi=98636d8d-26cb-ec11-997e-281878b83d8a&ceid=1225801 · Donate to Margins at https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/margins2020?emci=32aee290-24cb-ec11-997e-281878b83d8a&emdi=98636d8d-26cb-ec11-997e-281878b83d8a&ceid=1225801 ✈️  Volunteer with elevatedaccess.org 🐿🪴 Mutual Aid Toolkit https://gdoc.pub/doc/e/2PACX-1vRMxV09kdojzMdyOfapJUOB6Ko2_1iAfIm8ELeIgma21wIt5HoTqP1QXadF01eZc0ySrPW6VtU_veyp 🪵 Your 5 Minutes of Resistance Assistance each weekday: https://chopwoodcarrywaterdailyactions.substack.com/ 🤖 To use Resistbot, text 50409 and it will prompt you from there

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