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44. Storytelling as the Heart of All Pitches with Kim Wensel

from Go Pitch Yourself | Published 4/13/2021

Writing the classic elevator pitch, similar to podcast pitching, involves telling a story that makes a connection between what you have to offer and what the other person (or their audience) wants. But when it comes to writing your own pitches, do you struggle to use storytelling in a relevant way that can convince and convert? My guest today, messaging consultant Kim Wensel, acts as a personal journalist for her clients by helping them tease out the stories that get to the heart of what makes them unique.

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Angie Trueblood is a self-made visibility strategist who is determined to inspire and equip mission-driven entrepreneurs to start putting their hard-earned expertise to good work. Discover how to connect with audiences of your ideal clients through podcast interviews, online publications, speaking opportunities and more, in a way that feels authentic and moves your business forward. If you're tired of doing #allthethings to get known in your niche, it's probably time to get more strategic and focused. Not only will Angie help you develop a strategy that is do-able and effective, but she'll also share behind-the-scenes secrets on what industry experts love (and hate) to see in the pitches they receive.