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Good Morning A New Sheriff in Town

from Good Morning Night Vale | Published 2/25/2021

Meg, Symphony and Hal discuss episode 80 of Welcome to Night Vale: A New Sheriff in Town.  They chat about how this episode feels very current even though it comes to us from 2015. Meg is strong and wrong about Melony Pennington and we all learn what mace is and what that means for Pfeffernüsse cookies.  In FanZone Calzone™ we hear from a fan about the dankness of the Pacific Northwest along with a theory about the Weather, a voicemail about whether Joseph and Jeffrey can see the future, plus baby bears! Leave us a voicemail at 929-277-2050 or e-mail us at [email protected] See baby bear pics on our Patreon. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Good Morning Night Vale is a production of Night Vale Presents Hosted by Symphony Sanders, Hal Lublin, and Meg Bashwiner Produced by Meg Bashwiner Edited & Mixed by Vincent Cacchione Theme Music by Disparition Logo by Rob Wilson

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