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In this episode of the Good Times... Why do some courtside reporters get accepted for the job even with lacking knowledge of sports? If your fiance lies about his education credentials, similar to the Marcos siblings, would you break    up with him? In this age where information is easily accessible, is it still justifiable and sensible to live by the rising quote inspired by the kakampink movement “Mas radikal ang magmahal?” What is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of all GOATs? What are the most overrated places in the Philippines? Follow us on Twitter @superteam899 and @magic899!

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is a morning radio show on Magic 89.9 and previously on the Killerbee network around the Philippines, hosted by Mo Twister, KC Montero, Tin "Suzy" Gamboa and CJ Rivera every Monday to Thursday from 7 a.m. PST to 10 a.m. PST on Magic 89.9.