Green Pivot


from Green Pivot | Published 8/7/2020

A green recovery depends on the many, not the few. It relies on a shift in thinking that embraces others, sometimes even your competitors. Join us to find out more about surprising collaborations that make business sense whilst also supporting a bigger...

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The issue of climate change, and the action brands and business have to take, has never been more important. The latest Edelman Trust Barometer tells us that the vast majority of consumers are now looking to CEOs and business to play a lead role in improving the world. This is an important moment in history to determine how best we play our part.To support the launch of author and strategist John Grant’s important new book, ‘Greener Marketing’ Droga5 London hosted The Green Pivot. A half-day event across three panel discussions: each was designed to delve into the main themes of the book, to debate one of the biggest issues of our time and to unpack the crucial role that brands have to play. As an exercise in co-creation, the conversations generated on each panel will form the basis of the book’s final chapter.The panelists on each of the three panels – Reinvention, Collaboration & Pushing Standards – are all be leading lights on the topic and all offer a unique point of view – they include contributors from Vice, the UN, Coca Cola, The Face, Investec Bank, Extinction Rebellion and Project Everywhere.